Shelters & Their Pets: What Do You Think


I recently asked a handful of people their thoughts on animal shelters and the animals that come from them, please watch my video to see their responses:


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Do It For The Animals!

$55,000 RAISED! The What You Can Do campaign, led by Jessica Arinella , put her viewers/followers to a challenge. The challenge was that viewers had 50 days to raise $50,000 for animals in shelters. The proceeds will go to, which helps shelters across the United States. This video proves that it doesn’t take a lot of people, time, or external resources to make a huge impact on a particular organization, and in this case, it’s for the shelter animals.

 WHAT’S THAT ON THE MENU? When dealing with Animal Advocacy it seems most of the attention is geared to dogs and cats, but what about all the other animals? This article deals with horses rights, and saving them, or not allowing us to eat them anyway.  A NYC Museum café wanted to add horse meat to their menu. This article is especially important because of all the recent talk stemming from the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act that is now in the works, having this Act will save over 100,000 horses from slaughter, per year!

LET’S END PUPPY MILLS! Yes, everyone loves a pure bred, expensive, ball of adorable fur, but what about the conditions of the parents of these pups? The ASPCA and other Humane organizations have came together for a cause! The impact caused the USDA to propose a law requiring breeders to be inspected, and up to code. Puppy mills have been an ongoing problem; hopefully now justice will finally be given to the dogs living in 4×4 cages, in their own feces.

CNN FIGHTS FOR CHICKENS! The Humane Society released a graphic video showing the mistreatment of chickens at a farm in Pennsylvania. The products from this “family” farm are sold in supermarkets for our consumption. This impacts not only the chickens abused, but it is in direct correlation to our health, having so many birds so close together increases our risk of salmonella.

 HOLY COWS!  In Idaho a dairy farm providing supplies to Kraft, Wendy’s, and Burger King revels a shocking video of five employees abusing the cattle. The farm is Idaho’s largest dairy operation and is owned by Luis Bettencourt. Bettencourt is sick over the issue and has taken immediate action.  Not only does this issue impact the companies involved, it impacts the consumers. With footage like this arising, animal abuse groups take action for the well being of the animals involved.

Online news story:

Video story: (Some footage of the abuse!)