Annotated Bibliography

Blue, Laura. “How Much Does Animal Testing Tell Us?” Time. Cable News Network, 17 June 2008. Web. 24 Sept. 2012. <,8599,1815241,00.html&gt;.

This article tried to make animal testing sound better, but we all know that isn’t possible. They first start by saying animals are “surrogates” for humans and that mostly mice or rats are used in testing because of their short life spans. The article also discussed the use of cats, pigs, and the occasional use of dogs. Mainly the article talked about the good products we gain from animal testing, having no regard for the animals’ life.

This source is somewhat helpful in the fact that it brought more realization to me once again; people have no regards for animal rights. Yes we got some nice products out of testing, but what about the animals that lost their lives or suffered through the testing? People especially have no regard for animal rights when financial gain is involved. The source seems biased to me because it only focuses on the good.

Overall this article intrigued me to find out more about animal testing. The article also prompted me to bring more attention to animal rights in animal testing to my viewers. Ultimately this article serves as one more reason to fight for animal rights.

Miller, J Karl. “J. KARL MILLER: Tasers and Breeding.” MISSOURIAN. N.p., 13 Oct. 2010. Web. 24 Sept. 2012. <;.

Missouri wants to pass a “puppy mill” initiative that will help to end the terrible acts of animal cruelty among breeders. The article says that this bill is only supported by “extremists” and has no real meaning, the bill is said to only act on ones emotions. Because the Humane Society, 14 years ago, said they do no support factory farming or sport hunting, Miller wants to put a stop to this ballot.

The source was very useful to me, and should be to everyone. This article shows the cruelty in the world against animals and how few of people want to fight for animal rights. Animals have rights and it’s our job to make sure they get what is best. This isn’t an “emotional” issue, it’s an ethical issue.

Again this article made me absolutely furious. It shows how much more awareness we must bring to animals and how much it’s going to take to give these helpless animals their rights. Reading articles like this builds my argument on the unethical treatment of animals. Saving the lives of animals and ensuring they have rights, is something I’m very passionate about and reading articles like this adds fuel to my fire.


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