Reflection of the last five months

The last five months in 3500 have definitely been a struggle to me but as the end is here I am walking away with so much learned. The toughest part to me was learning the programs and figuring out how to put my footage together. The biggest thing I learned from the class is that I do not want a career in journalism, I need tougher skin – people can be too mean! I am happy to say that I CAN use video editing software if I ever need to. Also I am happy to be able to show an employer what I can do.


End Dog Fighting – The Documentary

Dog Fighting is a topic many don’t know about and those who do know about it, won’t talk. It’s a vicious world that thousands compete in. Busts are hard because the fights are highly secret. Dog fighting is said to be more underground then gambling or drugs.

Do You Have A Disaster Plan Ready For You & Your Pet?

Does your family have a plan for your pets in case of disaster?

At any moment a disaster could strike. We are never completely sure what will happen, or how terrible it could be. We may be out of water, power, or even without shelter for days on end. How will you and your family deal with a disaster. Do you have a plan for your family?

Sure everyone has a plan to keep their families safe, we keep flashlights beside the bed in case the electricity goes out, and we have blankets available for the nights with no heat. Most people forget about the needs of the families best friend or even “adopted” child; the family pet.  When a disaster strikes we mustn’t forget our pets; they have needs too.  Today we will hear from Susie Anderson, a volunteer the Humane Society. She strives to place animals with families, save abused animals, and keep animals safe daily.  “I don’t know about you, but my animals are my children, I couldn’t imagine life without them, it’s out duty to protect them like they protect us” Says Susie.

Creating a disaster kit for animals is an import part of owning a pet. Susie has a list of vital supplies to share with us. This list is a national list compiled by the United States Humane Society. A basic kit includes the following:  food and water for at least five days, medications and medical records, cat box and litter, leash and harness, carrier, current photos of you with your pet for identification, pet bed and toys, as well as a list of medical conditions or special treatments required.  This list of basic items will help your pet feel more secure in a disastrous situation, as well as potentially save his/her life.

“Many families create plans for their children to follow, and assume their pets will be alright, sometimes this isn’t the case, especially if your pet needs special care, it’s vital to have a kit prepared and a plan including your pet.”  For a more in-depth list as well as reasons for these basic items please visit: to print of a check list for your pet.

We can’t always be prepared for everything, but we can be prepared the best we can. Having these basic items can help keep the protector of your family alive, calm, and safe.  You wouldn’t risk leaving your children without food, water, or protection during a disaster; why would you leave your pet?

Do It For The Animals!

$55,000 RAISED! The What You Can Do campaign, led by Jessica Arinella , put her viewers/followers to a challenge. The challenge was that viewers had 50 days to raise $50,000 for animals in shelters. The proceeds will go to, which helps shelters across the United States. This video proves that it doesn’t take a lot of people, time, or external resources to make a huge impact on a particular organization, and in this case, it’s for the shelter animals.

 WHAT’S THAT ON THE MENU? When dealing with Animal Advocacy it seems most of the attention is geared to dogs and cats, but what about all the other animals? This article deals with horses rights, and saving them, or not allowing us to eat them anyway.  A NYC Museum café wanted to add horse meat to their menu. This article is especially important because of all the recent talk stemming from the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act that is now in the works, having this Act will save over 100,000 horses from slaughter, per year!

LET’S END PUPPY MILLS! Yes, everyone loves a pure bred, expensive, ball of adorable fur, but what about the conditions of the parents of these pups? The ASPCA and other Humane organizations have came together for a cause! The impact caused the USDA to propose a law requiring breeders to be inspected, and up to code. Puppy mills have been an ongoing problem; hopefully now justice will finally be given to the dogs living in 4×4 cages, in their own feces.

CNN FIGHTS FOR CHICKENS! The Humane Society released a graphic video showing the mistreatment of chickens at a farm in Pennsylvania. The products from this “family” farm are sold in supermarkets for our consumption. This impacts not only the chickens abused, but it is in direct correlation to our health, having so many birds so close together increases our risk of salmonella.

 HOLY COWS!  In Idaho a dairy farm providing supplies to Kraft, Wendy’s, and Burger King revels a shocking video of five employees abusing the cattle. The farm is Idaho’s largest dairy operation and is owned by Luis Bettencourt. Bettencourt is sick over the issue and has taken immediate action.  Not only does this issue impact the companies involved, it impacts the consumers. With footage like this arising, animal abuse groups take action for the well being of the animals involved.

Online news story:

Video story: (Some footage of the abuse!)

Annotated Bibliography

Blue, Laura. “How Much Does Animal Testing Tell Us?” Time. Cable News Network, 17 June 2008. Web. 24 Sept. 2012. <,8599,1815241,00.html&gt;.

This article tried to make animal testing sound better, but we all know that isn’t possible. They first start by saying animals are “surrogates” for humans and that mostly mice or rats are used in testing because of their short life spans. The article also discussed the use of cats, pigs, and the occasional use of dogs. Mainly the article talked about the good products we gain from animal testing, having no regard for the animals’ life.

This source is somewhat helpful in the fact that it brought more realization to me once again; people have no regards for animal rights. Yes we got some nice products out of testing, but what about the animals that lost their lives or suffered through the testing? People especially have no regard for animal rights when financial gain is involved. The source seems biased to me because it only focuses on the good.

Overall this article intrigued me to find out more about animal testing. The article also prompted me to bring more attention to animal rights in animal testing to my viewers. Ultimately this article serves as one more reason to fight for animal rights.

Miller, J Karl. “J. KARL MILLER: Tasers and Breeding.” MISSOURIAN. N.p., 13 Oct. 2010. Web. 24 Sept. 2012. <;.

Missouri wants to pass a “puppy mill” initiative that will help to end the terrible acts of animal cruelty among breeders. The article says that this bill is only supported by “extremists” and has no real meaning, the bill is said to only act on ones emotions. Because the Humane Society, 14 years ago, said they do no support factory farming or sport hunting, Miller wants to put a stop to this ballot.

The source was very useful to me, and should be to everyone. This article shows the cruelty in the world against animals and how few of people want to fight for animal rights. Animals have rights and it’s our job to make sure they get what is best. This isn’t an “emotional” issue, it’s an ethical issue.

Again this article made me absolutely furious. It shows how much more awareness we must bring to animals and how much it’s going to take to give these helpless animals their rights. Reading articles like this builds my argument on the unethical treatment of animals. Saving the lives of animals and ensuring they have rights, is something I’m very passionate about and reading articles like this adds fuel to my fire.